Business + Innovation + Growth 2014

Welcome to the Business + Innovation + Growth, BIG2014 Educational Competition!
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What's the BIG Idea?
Do you have a bold, innovative, or novel idea for a business enterprise?  The BIG2014 Competition is designed to educate eastern Idaho entrepreneurs, inventors and students about early stage financing.  Submit your BIG idea, perfect your pitch and compete for more than $5,000.
What's the BIG Deal?
$5,000+ to Winners!
Entries judged on presentation and viability
Choose your track, *Collegiate or Community.  
*  To participate in the Collegiate track at least one member of your team must be a full time student in eastern Idaho.
* To participate in the Community track at least one member of your team must reside or work in eastern Idaho.
BIG Days Ahead
Semi Finals and Finals Judging Criteria:
1.  Presentation includes Material presented in clear format, demonstrated demand for business product/service with clear examples, maintained judges interest, and utilized quality visual aids
2.  Viability of Company includes Market opportunity and way product/service will solve need, distinctive competence for unique competitive advantage to solve the market need, management capability individual or team has skills or experience to run company effectively, the plan demonstrates a solid understanding of financial requirements of company
3.  Questions and Answers includes presenters ability to understand judge questions, quality of response to questions, use of time, and poise/confidence demonstrated.
Round 1     March 3, 2014
                    Submission Deadline and Registration at
                    Choose your track (Collegiate or Community) and set up an iStart account 
                    Upload 1-3 page Executive Summary to
                    Upload <2 minute Elevator Pitch Video to
Semi-Finalists Announced
1.  Collegiate Track Semi-Finalists
Tsunami, GeoViz Group, Greenbooks, Portneuf Valley Brewing, GO FISHON, Singley Tools
2.  Community Track Semi-Finalists
CC Metrology, Be the Maven, BeLively, Sympli Safe, Stephens Development, Multiwinder
Round 2     April 3rd, 2014,  4:00-7:00pm
                    Semi Finals held at Idaho State University, College of Technology
                    10 minute presentation followed by Q&A
                     Poster Session and Finalists Announced
Round 3     April 4th, 2014, 2:00-7:00pm
                    Finals held at Idaho State University, College of Business
                    12 minute presentation followed by Q&A
                    Poster Session and Awards Ceremony

BIG Information & Sponsorship Opportunities:  Contact Linda Martin, Grow Idaho Falls at 208.522.2014

Need help?  BIG mentors are available at the Idaho Small Business Development Center.  For more information go to  For Idaho Falls contact David Noack at 208-523-1087.  For Pocatello contact John Hart at 208-244-8521.


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